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Air Madness

Travel growth comes at horrendous cost
By Cedric Pulford

ISBN 9780953643080

Available as a Kindle ebook.
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'The most readable book on the market outlining the state of play regarding the expansion of aviation' - HACAN Clear Skies newsletter.

‘I found Air Madness by Cedric Pulford a most stimulating read. A number of books on environmental issues I find too technical … but definitely not this one’ - David Bailey, Teignbridge Friends of the Earth

‘The author has pulled off the difficult task of producing a sound analysis of the effect of car and air travel in a thoroughly entertaining and readable way’ - North Herts FOE Newsletter

With the announcement of a massive expansion of airport capacity, greens' worst fears were confirmed that the government is locked on a course of ‘predict and provide’ bringing noise, pollution, intrusion, land loss and even danger.

A new edition of Air Madness, written by veteran environmental journalist Cedric Pulford, has been updated to include the latest plans for Stansted, Heathrow and other airports. It analyses the proposals and explains why they are so controversial.

Air Madness also locates the runways issue in a broader canvas of concern as the skies come increasingly congested with everything from jumbo jets to microlights. Even the idea of flying cars should no longer be dismissed, says Pulford.

A sustained first part of the book examines the disastrous mistakes made with Britain's roads, and links these to present air policy: "When the downsides of traffic became apparent, it was far too late to do anything about it. Attempts by recent governments have been like trying to hold the tide back with a saucepan. We are at the point of making the same mistake in the air."

Air Madness shows just why it is crucial to avoid that mistake by balancing access to air travel with the good health of the community.

Cedric Pulford, who has 40 years' experience as a journalist, has written many articles for the Observer Foreign News Service (part of the Guardian newspaper group) among other outlets.

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