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Meg's Man

MEG'S MEN: Who Will Be the One?
By Martin Horrocks

Actress and aristocrat Meg Denby is a star in Sixties London, with drop-dead beauty, brains, sex appeal and spirited independence - all this and a stately home in Yorkshire's broad acres. Naturally she has a glittering social life, but love is elusive. In her quest for 'the one', Meg encounters Roger, the boy from the country estate next door; suave Arnold, author and man of the world; heartthrob Everard, swordsman supreme; diffident Howard and laid-back Bob. Who will match her complex needs and interests?

As the story unfolds through Yorkshire, London and Hollywood, Meg's involvement with the Vietnam and women's lib movements brings her into conflict with shadowy powers-that-be.

Decades later, one of her former lovers enthuses the Facebook and Twitter generation with the films of Meg Denby and that 'blissful dawn' of the Summer of Love

ISBN 9780992965860 Paperback 328 pp
£8.99 INCLUDING post and packing.

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A Horse without a Carriage

Ideal gift for the one in your life
By Martin Horrocks

Romantic love as the reason to marry has been the dream not the reality for most of recorded history. Nor in much of the world need love any longer be restricted to marriage, like the proverbial horse and carriage. We are living in a golden age for relationships of all sorts, says MARTIN HORROCKS.
(Previously published on the Ituri website as Purely Coincidental)

ISBN 9780992965853 Paperback 51 pp
£3.50 INCLUDING post and packing.
(UK only. Non-UK: Postage will apply. We will advise you)

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Home and away in the jet age
By Cedric Pulford

Air travel is seeing massive growth as holiday travellers seek out ever more distant destinations while the emerging middle class in Asia and Latin America increasingly adopt the flying habits of the West. But aviation is one of the main contributors to global warming. Read more

ISBN 9780992965822 Paperback 127pp
£6.99 + £1.00 post and packing

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Two Kingdoms Of Uganda

Snakes and ladders in the Scramble for Africa
By Cedric Pulford

Henry Morton Stanley’s 1875 appeal for missionaries to go into what is now Uganda set off dramatic encounters between the British and the advanced African kingdoms they found there...Read more

ISBN 9780956722201

Available as a Kindle ebook. To purchase, click here


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