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Ituri’s owner, Rick (Cedric) Pulford, is the Associate Producer of this 2015 feature-length documentary about the iconic Paris-based American actress of the Sixties and Seventies. The film was originally titled MOVIE STAR: THE SECRET LIVES OF JEAN SEBERG. In updated form it was chosen for the 2021 London Raindance Festival Jean


Meg's Man

Martin Horrocks’s novel Meg's Men (published by Ituri in 2020) has yielded two screenplays, described here. Full scripts are available for both.

MEG'S MEN: Who will be 'the One? Is a romcom about love and lust in Sixties 'Swinging London'.

Meg Denby is a 'new woman' of the Sixties, that glorious dawn when feminine freedoms came of age. She is an independently minded actress whose campaigning against the Vietnam War costs her a shot at Hollywood stardom – until her talent earns her a second chance. Meg brings that same independence to her choice of men. After rejecting her aristocratic family's advice to marry country squire Roger, she is drawn to needy Howard and Bob whose commitment she doubts. Who will she pick? Or will she choose neither? One thing is certain – Meg is her own woman.

AFTER MEG: Reaping the Whirlwind is a domestic drama set in the present day that catches up with most of the main characters half a century later.

Howard and Bob, who each betrayed the beautiful Sixties actress Meg Denby, meet again after half a century. Memories of Meg, the 'spirit of Swinging London', continue to haunt the pair. Their meeting forces them to confront the question: Who has suffered more – the betrayed or the betrayers? Howard’s wife Cynthia joins them and shares her quiet despair with Bob. Finding her voice at last, she betrays the betrayers.


A riveting docudrama about a curious episode in the life of a renowned author. Fictionalised account of a true story.


Pulford Ituri welcomes inquiries about financing or co-production of these projects at any level of involvement. For more details contact the producer, Rick Pulford, at rick@pulfordglobal.com

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