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‘ELEVATOR PITCH’. Meg’s Men is comedy/drama about Meg Denby, the most beautiful of the beautiful people, whose spirit and determination to forge her own path through Swinging London in the late Sixties looks sure to resonate with the #MeToo generation. The script evokes the flavour of that sexiest of times to be young, with six principal actors and an array of characters in support. Meg refuses to be defined by the men in her life. Two rivals – the hapless Howard and the principled Bob – must wait in suspense until finally Meg chooses. The second strand in the story is Meg’s campaigning against the Vietnam war (again prefiguring celebrity protests of the present day). This initially causes Hollywood to say no, yet talent makes all come good in the end.

Meg's Man
MEG DENBY (the Hon Margaret Denby) – Aristocratic actress
EVERARD HUGHES – Hollywood hunk, British-born
LUCY PLESSEY – Meg’s best friend
HOWARD JENKINS – Provincial newspaper reporter
ALISON ALLSOP – Rookie actress, rival to Meg
BOB CURZON – Cerebral actor, married to an academic