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By Tony Noel and Cedric Pulford (January 2021, 80pp)

This collection of articles presents three facets of Zambia’s emergence as a nation by writers with first-hand experience.

- The kingdom of what became known as Barotseland found itself in the direct path of greedy land speculators. It then experienced a period of semi-autonomy within Northern Rhodesia before being incorporated – controversially – into post-independence Zambia.

- Sunset over the Zambezi is the memoir of a Northern Rhodesia district officer in the final years of British rule. It doesn’t sound very glamorous. Along with the power went hard work and loneliness, and constant relocations from tour to tour.


- How the news media fared in Kenneth Kaunda’s Zambia is the focus of an article that reflects on press and TV’s role in an emerging nation. Journalists faced the dilemma of avoiding outright propaganda while also avoiding the negativity that afflicts much Western media.

These articles are brought together in book form for the first time. The first (Barotseland) was originally published in 2011; the most recent (Sunset over the Zambezi) in 2018.

Barotseland and Scenes from Zambian Life is primarily a resource for specialist libraries, but a limited number of copies are available for general sale.

The price is £4.99 per copy including postage and packing. To order or for information, contact Ituri at

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